Friday, 9 October 2015

LifeBook Catch-Up Week28: You are good enough

I pick and choose the LifeBook lessons I want to work on retrospectively, in an attempt to catch up with my class. I lost 6 months of creating between March and September this year! I still have two and a half months to catch up before LifeBook 2016 begins and I'm on the right track to complete enough lessons to be able to bind my book at the end of the year.

This week I chose Tam's 'paint-over-collage' lesson from week 28. I did something very similar last year, and I remembered how much fun I had with it. You can find my earlier project here. This is a fun technique which involves painting over a photo or magazine cutout and turning it into a journal page.

The theme of the lesson was 'self-empathy' and I chose an affirmation along these lines: "you are good enough". This lesson came with Tam's healing exercise and I've learnt that when we are unhappy, irritable or judgmental of others, it is often because we have unresolved issues with ourselves. Feeling inferior can be one of these issues. We need to accept and love ourselves in order to overcome these feelings.

Here's a photo to show three stages of my creative process. Strangely enough, I quite like stage two, when my project was only half done!

You will see the details better in the photos below:

There's certainly room for improvement, I know. I found it quite challenging to work on such a small face. The smallest little marks can have a big impact, which can work in your favour or against you! It turned out a bit too cartoony, with too much outlining, but I think it's 'good enough', especially at this early stage in my creative journey and I did have fun working on this page, though it took absolute ages to complete! Here are some close up photos to show the underlying textures in more detail:

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