Monday, 13 October 2014

The Garden of Hope (WOIW)

This is the second week running for Word of Inspiration Wednesday in the Kraafter's Kommunity over on Google+. The word to inspire us this week is HOPE.

This is actually my second attempt at creating a new page in my WOIW journal. I had to scrap the previous one. Yes, I tore a page out of my precious journal and ripped it into pieces. (I may be able to salvage a few bits of it and use it in my scrap journal somehow, but that's the subject for a different blog post.) I didn't like what I created. To be honest, I don't care for this one much either, but it will have to do for now. I don't know why I struggle with some projects, while others just seem to fall into place. I think I have a need to create something spectacular and I find that a bit debilitating. I need to set myself free, enjoy the process and not worry about the outcome that much.

My first project was full of colour, and after ripping it apart, I decided to go in the opposite direction and create something completely monochrome. I first gessoed my page and spread black acrylic paint all over it.  Then I did a lot of stamping with white embossing and doodling with my new Sharpie extra fine paint marker (which is an excellent pen, by the way!). I added some flower patterned washi tape and some Stickles in platinum to complete the layout.

The black is meant to represent is the darkness we sometimes have to face. We tend to our hopes and dreams in our Garden of Hope where they grow and shine through the darkness, giving us hope for the future. I like the idea of this project, but somehow the execution fell flat on its face! I might recreate this page some time in the future. If I ever do, I'll come back and add a link here!

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