Wednesday, 31 July 2019

WOYWW #530: Two missed anniversaries, QDS and a stupid accident!

Today is the last day of July. How did that happen? I managed to miss two anniversaries this month:  my 5th blogiversary on the 2nd and my 17th wedding anniversary on the 27th. I'm just not good with dates - neither is my husband (in fact, he's even worse!) which is lucky because at least we don't hold it against each other. I'm more upset about missing my blogiversary, to be honest.

So to celebrate, I've made this collage of some of my projects in the last 12 months, which has become sort of a tradition - and a quick-fix to post something arty without actually having to do any work.

And to commemorate our wedding anniversary, here's a throw-back picture to 2002. I never realised back then just how young and slim (and dare I say good-looking!) we were. I would have made the most of it if I had known! 

So, with the anniversaries out of the way, I can now move onto QDS - Marit's Quirky Dutch Summer, where I was a guest blogger this week! I clean forgot to take a photo of my desk for WOYWW, but perhaps I can get away with it just this once (wink at Julia), so I'll only post a picture of my finished project.

If you want to see how I made these little containers, head over to Marit's blog where I describe the process. It's really very simple. Thank you so much for the invitation, Marit, I really enjoyed taking part in QDS. Watch out for our fellow WOYWW-er, Tracey's project next week! 

Hey, funny story! I fell down the stairs at work in a pretty spectacular fashion (just before Julia started issuing notes to employers due to the unprecedented temperatures). Literally 10 seconds before this stupid accident happened, someone had warned me to walk carefully (perhaps because I was wearing flimsy sandals) and I was like 'yeah right, what could possibly happen?' and then bang! I hurt my ankles pretty badly. Luckily, my job allows me to work from home and my boss is very understanding, so I've been working from home for the past week (and may I say I got more done than in the office!) My ankles are on the mend, but it might take a while before I'm back to normal and able to walk 3 miles to work and 3 miles back again. These ankle supports really help:

I thought I'd better not leave you with visuals of my clumpy feet and pinky toes, so here's a more pleasant photo I took of the roses I got from my SIL last year. They seem to be thriving by the side of the house right next to the Hydrangeas I showed you previously - thanks for identifying them, by the way - I don't seem to know my flowers, but at least I can recognise roses!

Thanks for visiting and for goodness' sake watch where you step! xx


  1. I'm taking a quick break from cutting squares for my quilt and enjoying a coffee while I catch up on a few of my favourite blogs.
    Really hope your ankles heal quickly but how lovely to be able to work from home while you recover. I really love the little containers you made.
    Annie x #10

  2. Ouch Zsuzsa, I hope your ankles recover soon. With the wet weather a 6 mile round walk to and from work wouldn't be pleasant anyway. Happy belated Blogiversary and wedding anniversary. I will have to pop over and take a look at your project for QDS. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #9

  3. Oh! Wow! Your poor ankles. You really must look after yourself better as your body has to last you a long time Lol! This rather reminds me of a silly film we watched at the weekend with Goldy Hawn and Meryl Streep who take a magic potion that will make them live for ever but they don't look after their bodies well enough to last them that long. Though it's quite a silly film it does show the importance of looking after yourself the best you can. Keep telling my 91 year old mother this but she still carries on doing mad things but then she's still with us Lol! Loving your celebration pics too. Whatever you are do today have a lovely woyww, Angela x13x

    1. In the last 50 years I've only had this happen twice (once in my mid-20s) so I'm thinking - statistically - the next one won't be due until I'm 75 LOL!

  4. Ow ow ow, you poor thing, that must have really hurt. I'm glad the supports are helping and that you can work from home. Lovely wedding pic of you both - you're still so slim now, don't worry about it, lol! Your tutorial for Marit was fab, I hope lots of ladies make it!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  5. oh ouch that sounds painful, you poor thing! happy anniversary (both of them) - great wedding pic... I was going to say same as LLJ - you are hardly not slim now!! Love the project for Marit. Thanks for dropping by. Helen #3

  6. Love your work. Oh dear re your fall.Hope you will make a quick and excellent recovery. Having seen you at The Crop I can say that you are still very, very slim an lovely. Anne x 12

  7. Happy WOYWW #530 great desk you have been very busy! xx Jan (21)

  8. Hello Zsuzsa, I hope your ankles will be better soon! I love your collage with much turquoise that is typical for your work! And your wedding picture is amazing too. How time flies! In 5 months time, it will be New Year again ;-)

  9. Thanks for the QDS-shout-out Zsuzsa, it is so nice to have you as a guest!!! And ouch for your ankles... hope you will soon be able to walk without pain. I know the 'at home I get more done' work... I guess almost everyone who ever worked in an office ánd at home knows it! You looked beautiful back then AND you look beautiful right now! We always seem to look back and think 'I should have appreciated how I looked then' but doesn't that mean that we should make the most of what we look right now?! (or we will be thinking the same 10 years from now...) Thanks for stopping by my desk yesterday, enjoy your week! Love, Marit #15

  10. HI Zsuzsa, and congrats on your piece for Marit, it was fabulous. Hope the ankles are healing ok, so easy to do these things, but they can take so long to heal. Gorgeous rose, quite beautiful. Love the Anniversary pics- both of them! Really late this week, spent most of yesterday afternoon in A&E, as the breathlessness wasn't easing off. They gave me IV Antibiotics & steroids, and some nebulisers, which has helped, but it's still not what it should be. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4X

  11. Wha an absolutely beautiful rose that is. Almost as pretty as your pinkies!
    I too do not remember dates - terrible as I forget birthday cards time and time again. Love the collage of your projects over the past year - that makes up for forgetting your blogaversary. Not sure about he wedding anniversary though (although if hubster forgets too - it doesn't matter does it?
    No time to hang around - must get over to Marit's bog to see how you did those beautiful boxes - well done and congrats on being chosen.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  12. Sorry I am so late Zsuzsa but what a greeting to see a montage of previous makes from you. Don't they make a pretty picture and I know you've had fun over the past few months creating them all. I've been over to check out your recycled lovelies, what a great set they make each so different but in a style that's becoming a Zsuzsa trademark!! I love them all.
    I think being married so long it's more a celebration of still being together, 26 years for me & hubby in a couple of weeks. Congrats & belated Happy Anniversary, here's to many many more.. You make a very handsome couple.
    I hope your ankles continue to heal well, I went over one of mine in my youth and it still plays me up in winter time.. non of those straps back then, just a wooden splint haa haaaa!!!! Only joking.
    Have a super weekend & take care.. Creative Hugs Tracey & a belated Happy WoywW xx

  13. So sorry to hear about your fall at work! That is a beautiful photograph of you and your husband - congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Happy WOYWW! #24

  14. Happy Anniversaries - so lovely to see your collage of work. You really have a unique creative voice. Lovely project for QDS - so cool to see you there. Hope you heal quickly from your accident. I hope you are well enough to create but not well enough to do too much housework ;-)

  15. Sorry to hear you've been in the wars, Zsuzsa, and all the best for a quick recovery for those ankles! To do both of them... Hope you aren't in too much pain. Sorry also that you missed 2 anniversaries! We always celebrate our wedding anniversary and generally go out for a meal, and I always try to make my hubby a card, even if I don't always succeed! Your wedding photo is so lovely. I love your containers and must follow up on that - I'm writing this late at night and I'm exhausted and my eyes are watering with tiredness (I think my cataracts are getting worse - always worse at night) so I'm struggling a bit. I'm really behind with my blog comments again... Thank you for your visit. The kitties haven't wrecked that birdie toy yet but they have with the one on the end of a stick and that had to be replaced. We have got various tail-less cat-nip mice which never seem to last very long! Ruby did a wonderful gymnastic high somersault trying to catch the birdie toy yesterday and we both gasped - wish I'd been recording at the time! It was spectacular. Lily is too lazy and prefers lolling around on her back exposing everything. Thanks for your good wishes for my appointments. I still haven't got round to phoning the surgery about the co-codamol which really isn't doing the trick! Regarding the cooking, you don't have to do anything complicated, but if you can stick as much as possible to whole-food, plant-based, it's definitely best for health.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #18

  16. Ouch! I always say that if you're going to do a job better make a it a good one .... guess you did!!!
    Take care and plenty of rest
    Christine #23

  17. You are so silly Susan!! I love the picture of your feet! LOL
    Hope you are on the mend, what a quirky thing to happen-right? I just looked back over the last posts I missed, and have to say, I just love your friends journal- it is wonderful! And that shed!! WOW Gorgeous color and is it for you? A She shed? or will it house mowers and yard equipment? Nice work on it-the building of it and the painting!
    Your flowers are soooo beautiful and that rose is stunning! Mine never grow that pristine! there are always bug bites out of them! LOL

    Love the photos of my buddy Oreo-he sooo makes me smile! <3

    And congrats on your guest spot and those lovely containers! Not, get well and thank you for your help! I do believe I am back up!
    huge hugs and love to you! xoxo


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