Wednesday, 18 April 2018

WOYWW #463: Playing around with resin and other stuff

Two weeks have just zoomed by - I was going to take part in WOYWW last week, but ran out of time. I haven't been doing anything groundbreaking, but I have been trialing a few purchases, so I'm here to show those.

First off, those of you who are familiar with my desk will spot the elephant in the room immediately - two of them, actually:

I'm using 'elephant' figuratively, of course - I'm talking about those two rainbow drawer units sitting on my desk. I actually now have four of them - long story, short: I ordered two from Ryman's but they got misrouted in transit (twice!) and arrived all bashed up 10 days later, both units broken in several places, though still usable. When I complained, they sent me another set - so now I have four! They're very useful for storing bits and bobs, so hopefully my desk will be tidier from now on - yeah, right, who am I kidding?

I also managed to get my hands on a set of Pebeo Mixed Media colour resin pack in the half price sales at Hobby Craft. I really just wanted to try it but found the £15 price tag for the trial pack a bit steep! £7.50 is more palatable, especially that my first batch ended up in the bin. The resin just wouldn't set - I must have got the proportions wrong. My second attempt was more successful.

I used a silicon mould from China to make pendants. I don't wear jewellery but I do like little dangly things on journals, tags, etc. This is what I made with 10 ml resin and 5 ml hardener:

I also bought some more paint that I didn't really need, but that never stopped me! I used them on these tags:

I also got a few Sizzix dies from Amazon, which was my reward and motivation for working those extra hours over Easter:

The gift card bag was particularly good value, considering that it includes a full stencil alphabet.I find the Thinlits dies generally good value for money. 

So that's it. Not very creative, but hopefully I will have more time now that I'm back on my regular hours at work. In case you've been missing Oreo, here's a short video of him chasing a pheasant, not very successfully:

TTFN! I'll be around on Thursday, most probably.

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