Wednesday, 9 March 2016

WOYWW #353: Birthday treats and other things

I'm here again for another round of WOYWW! Never mind the weeks flying by like there's no tomorrow - what about the years?  I'm yet again a year older, even though my previous birthday seems like it was only yesterday. Somehow time goes faster as we get older. Why is that? Quite fitting that I came in at No. 47 on the linky list, which is my new age! I swear I didn't plan it that way!

Anyway, you're not visiting to hear my philosophy on the passage of time, but to see my work space. So here it is as it was yesterday afternoon in the middle of a project I was working on for Donna Downey's bi-weekly challenge Inspiration Wednesday. Oreo was keeping me company as usual and you can also see some of my birthday treats in the background.

Since it was my birthday and Mothers' Day at the same time on Sunday, I was treated to a rare trip to HobbyCraft. Wait, that's not all! My hubby was paying! I went easy on him, because I know how much he hates parting with his cash and also because I want to keep him under the impression that art products are cheap, so I just bought a few things that were on special offer! The more expensive stuff, I'll order secretly online! Clever, huh? This is what I bought:

Art apron (£5.00), DecoArt Media Misters black and white (£3.50 each), Liquid Glass (£3.00), LED tealights (£2.00), Sennelier acrylics X 2 (half price at £2.00 each) and an 8X8" spiral album (just £2.00!) = £23.00 altogether (plus a carrier bag at 5p)!

Some of these were a real bargain! The apron is really well-made with large pockets made from a thick canvas material. I might decorate it with block printing or just let the paint splash all over it. The spiral album at £2.00 is amazing value as well. I'm currently using the 12X12 version (it's the one on my desk, actually) and it works really well as an art journal once the pages are gessoed. The misters will come in handy used with stencils and the best part is that they're permanent, unlike Dylusion sprays. I'm planning to use the LED lights to light up little mixed media houses or shrines. I haven't got a specific project in mind yet, but those lights are always good to have for when you need them. And you can never have enough acrylics, though I don't care much for those pouches, do you? I think they're a bit awkward to use and store but I wanted to try them as they are Sennelier's. I chose a nice satin skin tone and a pearlescent white.

My son made me this Mothers' Day card at school and below that is my birthday card from hubby and son:

Finally, here's a sneak peek at part of the page on my desk in its completed form. I will blog it later this week. 

Thanks for visiting! If your comment doesn't appear, don't worry, it's not your fault. Google's been playing up again. I get notifications of every comment, even if it doesn't appear on my blog and I will get back to everyone as soon as I can. Happy WOYWW!

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