Monday, 2 February 2015

LifeBook Week05 Bonus: Affirmation Feather

Last week on LifeBook we had a surprise bonus lesson from Tam, inspired by the main Dreamcatcher lesson. The bonus lesson features an affirmation feather on an ink splattered and collaged background. This must be one of very few projects I've ever made that has some white space!

Instead of using Dylusions spray inks for this page, I experimented with some other inks I have in my stash. They are a lesser known Czech brand called Koh-i-noor. It doesn't say on the packaging specifically, but I think these inks may be permanent, or at least water-resistant, once dry. To achieve a splattered effect, I first wet my entire page by holding it under the tap. Yes, you've read that right! This is possible only when you use good quality, 140lb watercolour paper.

I dropped some blue and purple ink on top of the wet paper using an eyedropper and just let the inks do their thing, spreading all over the paper. What I don't like about spray inks is that they splatter all over the place in tiny droplets where you don't want them. That doesn't happen with this method. I ended up with this page:

Next, I incorporated some collage papers and sketched my feather with a black pen, which I thought was waterproof.  I found out  I was wrong when I started shading the feather with a purple, water-soluble metallic pen and applied a wet brush. Along with the purple, the black marker also dissolved. Arrgh! Not to worry, though, it worked out ok in the end. My feather turned out a greyish purple, which is fine and I was able to redo the lines with a different marker.  I wrote my affirmations on the feather with a white pen, added some doodles and splattered some white paint over the entire page as well.

 If I was to redo this project, I would do a few things differently, but I choose to move on to the next project instead. It's not perfect, but I don't dislike it either: it's ok and I enjoyed working on it. I think it will look nice as a page in my Life Book. Here are some more photos:

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