A Day Out in Shrewsbury

Yay, I made it to my first WOYWW crop on Saturday!  The truth is, it was my first crop EVER of any kind! Sadly, I couldn't be there for the whole duration as I had my family in tow on a day trip to Shrewsbury, but it was lovely to just be able to say hello to everyone.

Here are some of the photos I took. As you can see, I couldn't wipe that silly grip off my face the whole time. There are lots more photos on LLJ's blog HERE.

Group photo - thanks to Shaz's Doug for taking it!

with Julia

with Sarah

with Shaz

with LLJ

Neet with LLJ

Julia with Caro

snapshot of the room

with Heather

with Helen

Julia brought us to tears with her heartfelt speech
(with Shaz, Jo, LLJ and Annie)

Jo and Annie, who kindly hosted the event

Later, we explored the beautiful town of Shrewsbury with my family.


  1. What a fabulous set of photos, Zsuzsa! I really envy you getting to the crop and meeting all our friends. So nice to put faces to the names, too. Shrewsbury looks absolutely gorgeous, and I'm glad you had the opportunity to explore with the family.

    Shoshi x

    1. I thought Shrewsbury was lovely too and a place I could imagine myself living! It was a shame I couldn't stay longer but it was lovely just to be able to say hello to everyone. There was a lot of hugging! Hope we can both make it to the next one!

  2. Great photos, Shrewsbury looks so pretty. I would have loved to have been able to explore a bit. Helen x

  3. Thank you for putting names to faces. I’m hoping everyone will wear a badge with their name and blog name on when I go next time as I’m hopeless at remembering names

  4. Well Shrewsbury certainly looked good for you on Saturday - it is a lovely place to live - we are very lucky. Thanks for sharing your photos.xx

  5. Those ATCs are beautiful all together, what a nice idea! And Shrewsbury is a lovely town, looks like it has a lot of historical buildings...

  6. Looks like you had such a wonderful tie Zsuzsa!!
    I love the photo of you and your son- he has such a beautiful smile, like his Mom! Tell your husband to stop being so camera shy! LOL
    hugs,Jackie xx


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